Tour of the South​

About this Tour

Discover the wonders of Malta on a thrilling tour that unveils the secrets of the past and the vibrant present. Immerse yourself in the Tarxien Prehistoric Temples, an ancient site adorned with intricate decorations, providing a captivating glimpse into the prehistoric culture from 2,500 to 3,600 B.C. Journey towards Vittoriosa, a maritime city steeped in the history of the Knights of St. John, exploring the Collachio and marveling at panoramic views of the Grand Harbour from by Fort St. Angelo. Navigate through Zejtun, a quintessential Maltese town with preserved traditional architecture and a 15th-century parish, echoing maritime history. The adventure culminates in the picturesque harbor of Marsaxlokk, where vibrant boats and daily market stalls create a delightful atmosphere, inviting you to savor the local charm. Immerse yourself in Malta’s rich heritage and dynamic culture on this unforgettable expedition.

Key Information

  • Begin your tour with a captivating visit to the Tarxien Prehistoric Temples, a 4-temple site dating back to 2,500-3,600 B.C., richly decorated and revealing insights into prehistoric culture.
  • Explore Vittoriosa, an old Maritime city and the first settlement of the Knights of St. John, known for its historic Arsenals and the Collachio area reserved for the Knights.
  • Take a short walk in the Collachio to immerse yourself in the history of the Knights and enjoy an impressive view of the entrance to the Grand Harbour and the Kalkara fishing village from behind Fort St. Angelo.
  • Traverse Zejtun, a typical Maltese town with preserved traditional architecture, and visit the 15th-century-old parish, a landmark and shrine for sailors.
  • Continue the journey to Marsaxlokk, a delightful and colorful harbor known for its beautifully painted boats.
  • Spend time in Marsaxlokk to soak in the relaxed atmosphere, explore the market stalls, and appreciate the charm of this quaint spot.
  • Discover the maritime power and history of Vittoriosa, providing a glimpse into the legacy of the Order of St. John.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant and picturesque setting of Marsaxlokk's harbor, where traditional Maltese life and culture come to life.
  • Enjoy a leisurely exploration of the historic sites, markets, and traditional architecture, creating a memorable and enriching experience.

The tour will start with a conducted tour of the Tarxien Prehistoric Temples, a 4-temple site ranging between 2,500 and 3,600 B.C. This is the most highly decorated of the temple sites, the most revealing about the prehistoric culture that worshipped here.

We will continue on towards Vittoriosa, an old Maritime city, once boasting Arsenals for the big maritime power, that The Order of St. John was. It was here that the Knights of the Order first settled, before building the present-day capital, Valletta. We will start by taking a short walk in the Collachio, the area reserved for the Knights, then to get the impressive view of the entrance to the Grand Harbour and the Kalkara fishing village from behind Fort St. Angelo.

On through Zejtun, a typical Maltese town, with its preserved traditional architecture. On the outskirts of Zejtun, the town's 15th century-old parish, a landmark and shrine for sailors, but also a signalling point forewarning a Turkish attack.

Travel on to Marsaxlokk, a delightful colourful harbour, for its beautifully painted boats, where we will spend some time, to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the place, and to look through the market stalls, which set up daily in this quaint spot.

I am there to meet you with chauffeured transport, upon arrival, at the cruise terminal, the hotel, or as required. The tour, starts and ends at your request, moves at the preferred pace, for convenience and comfort, for making your holiday one to remember.

Inquiries Welcome

Feel free to reach out for additional details, such as availability and pricing, or to discuss a more tailored itinerary. I’m happy to cater to your specific travel requests, taking into account logistics and available time. You’re not just purchasing an excursion somewhere, rather, you’re investing in a complete Malta experience, where the guide truly makes the difference

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