The Two Capitals

About this Tour

Designed for those with limited time to explore Malta, an itinerary that unfolds the captivating stories of both the old and present-day capitals. Begin with a panoramic drive around the walled city of Valletta, and marvel at its fortifications and its cityscape. Ascend to the Upper Barracca Gardens for a breathtaking view of the Grand Harbour, followed by a leisurely stroll through Valletta’s splendid buildings. Explore the opulent St. John’s co-Cathedral, a celebration of high Baroque and the island’s premier monument, housing two Caravaggio paintings. A brief walk down Republic Street unveils more of Valletta’s grandeur, concluding by the Grand Master’s Palace. Continue the journey through medieval villages—Attard, Balzan, and Lija—linked to Mdina’s history. Arrive at the ancient walled city of Mdina, perched atop a hill with narrow winding streets, adorned with centuries-old palaces exuding old-world charm. This suggested itinerary promises a rich tapestry of history and can be tailored to your preferences as the tour unfolds. Immerse yourself in Malta’s fascinating past and present on this unforgettable expedition.

Key Information

  • Embark on an exciting tour starting with a drive around the walled Capital Valletta, offering views of the city's fortifications and surrounding harbors.
  • Travel to the Upper Barracca Gardens for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Grand Harbour.
  • Enjoy a leisurely tour of Valletta, taking in the splendid buildings along the way.
  • Explore the masterpiece of high Baroque, St. John's co-Cathedral, the island's principal monument.
  • Admire the two Caravaggio paintings in the Oratory of St. John's co-Cathedral.
  • Stroll down Republic Street to discover more of Valletta's sumptuous buildings.
  • Conclude the city tour by the impressive Grand Master's Palace, where your transport awaits.
  • Drive through the charming late medieval villages of Attard, Balzan, and Lija, once home to Mdina's inhabitants seeking refuge from pirates.
  • Explore Mdina, the ancient walled city with narrow winding streets, once the island's capital.
  • Pass by centuries-old palaces, reveling in Mdina's old-world charm and history.
  • The proposed itinerary is flexible and can be altered based on preferences during the tour.

The tour starts with a drive round the walled Capital Valletta, to view the fortifications of the city and the harbours on either side of it. You will next travel up to the Upper Barracca Gardens on high grounds, for the spectacular view of the Grand Harbour. Follow up with a short leisurely tour of the city, and admire the splendid buildings on the way to St. John's co-Cathedral, where you will have a conducted tour of what was the Conventual church for the Order of St. John, and feast your eyes on this celebration of high Baroque, doubtlessly the island's principal monument, also housing the two Caravaggio paintings in the Oratory.

Another short walk down Republic street will show you more of Valletta's sumptuous buildings. Your tour of the city will end by the Grand Master's Palace, where the transport awaits you.

On for a drive through Attard, Balzan, and Lija, 3 late medieval villages, just where the inhabitants of Mdina came to live, when the danger of being dragged away into slavery by marauding pirates, was over.

Continue on to Mdina, another walled city, which served as the island's Capital up until when Valletta was built. This now sleepy city, is perched on a hilltop, having an irregular plan of narrow winding streets intended to confuse the enemy. The city was from all times the seat of the island's nobility, whose lovely centuries-old palaces you will go past, whilst walking the streets, to revel in the city's old-world charm.

The proposed itinerary is only a suggestion, it can be altered or trimmed to your preference, even as the tour progresses.

I am there to meet you with chauffeured transport, upon arrival, at the cruise terminal, the hotel, or as required. The tour, starts and ends at your request, moves at the preferred pace, for convenience and comfort, for making your holiday one to remember.

Inquiries Welcome

Feel free to reach out for additional details, such as availability and pricing, or to discuss a more tailored itinerary. I’m happy to cater to your specific travel requests, taking into account logistics and available time. You’re not just purchasing an excursion somewhere, rather, you’re investing in a complete Malta experience, where the guide truly makes the difference

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