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Planning Your Tour

Whether you are looking for a laid-back half day experience or a full-on, multi-day adventure, you only need to let me know, nothing is too much trouble, I will help you organize your visit.  Sit back and let the guide do the rest. If you are travelling with children, I am able to provide booster/safety seats upon request. 

Here’s a few more suggestions, should you wish to design your own tour.

Mdina Cathedral Museum

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum in Mdina, housed in the impressive Baroque palace, formerly the island’s seminary, is no doubt one of the island’s most interesting museums. The museum contains items from the pre-earthquake Norman Cathedral, a coin and medal collection that spans 2,000 years and a collection of woodcuts and copper plates by the German artist Albert Durer, as well as engravings by Rembrandt, religious vestments, and documents from the time of the Inquisition. The museum also displays a collection of sacred art, amongst which, the beautiful polyptych altarpiece, depicting the life of St Paul.

Archaeology Museum

Archeology Museum

The Archaeology Museum in Valletta is housed within what used to be the Auberge for the Knights from Provence, a beautiful baroque building from 1571. The museum is home to an exceptional display of artefacts recovered from the island’s 24 pre-historic sites, starting with the arrival of man in the Ghar Dalam phase (5,200 B.C.), through to the Tarxien Phase (2500 B.C.).

Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola is a 16th century family home to Marquis de Piro, who has opened a part of the Palace to the public, giving insight to the customs and traditions of Maltese noble families, and their elegantly furnished homes.

Domus Roman

Roman Domus

The Roman Domus, today situated just outside Mdina’s walls, was once included within the Roman walls of the city. It is typically, house fashion of the 2nd Century B.C., and remained in use up until the 1st Century A.D. Due to the portrait sculptures of several members of the Imperial Roman family that it contained, it is likely that it primarily functioned as an embassy. Amongst the more striking exhibits are a number of polychrome mosaic floors of high quality, that rank with those of Pompei and others. The domus also exposes a number of domestic Roman artefacts.

Mosta Church

Mosta Rotunda

The Rotunda church in Mosta, built by the very villagers between 1833 and 1870, never resorting to scaffolding, and yet achieving the 4th largest unsupported dome in the world. The dome had a bomb go through it in April of 1942, and yet miraculously, it did not explode, and none of those present were injured.

Grandmaster Palace

Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta, a majestic building as befitted the official residence of the Grand Master, built around two courtyards and having five separate entrances. Amongst the main attractions for The Palace, are the Gobelins Tapestries, the gift of Grand Master Perellos in 1697, and made especially for the room where they hang. They are a brilliant portrayal of animal, reptile, and bird species of the tropicals, and are a sample of the original series, from the workshops of the Gobelins Royal Factory. Please note that the Palace is currently only partially open and the Tapestries not on display.



The Hypogeum is the only known pre-historic underground temple anywhere in the world, dating to between 3,000 and 2,500 B.C. It is a magnificent piece of architecture, hewn out of the living rock, on 3 different levels, what may have originated as a temple, eventually becoming burial grounds, and to have been found containing the dismembered bones of some 6,000 people. The Hypogeum only allows for 10 guests/visit/hour. It therefore needs to be booked well in advance, and this can be done online with Heritage Malta.

Ghajn Tuffieha Tower

Scenic Coast

An alternative option is a lovely scenic drive, taking in some superb views in the north-west part of the island, a lovely coastal stretch to include remote sites the like of Bahrija, Kuncizzjoni, Fomm ir-Rih, and Golden Sands, where it is possible to get into some of the remote coves along this beautiful rugged coastline, by canoes that are available for hire.

Ghar Dalam

Ghar Dalam

The cave is an underground solution tunnel, formed by forced flow from abundant water flowing down the overhead river, at the end of the ice age. The gushing river eventually punctured the ceiling of the cave, causing a swallow hole effect, and drawing in the bones of animals, that were then migrating South towards a warmer climate, their bones, eventually becoming fossilized. The cave is made up of a sequence of five distinct layers, the lowermost, being over 500,000 years old – intriguing to those with an interest in Palaeontology, Ecology and Archaeology.

Inquisitor's Palace

Inquisitor's Palace

The Inquisitor’s Palace in Vittoriosa dates from the Norman domination, then serving as law courts, which it did again under the subsequent Knights of St. John, eventually becoming the seat of the Inquisition in 1574. The Palace, still retaining some of its original architectural features is one of few surviving palaces of the Inquisition, common in Europe, and the Roman Catholic world. Of special interest are the court room and the prison cells, displaying the prisoners’ graffiti on the walls, as well as a sanitation system that emptied in a stone receptacle in the courtyard. The Palace also hosts the Ethnography Museum, which focuses on religious culture in Malta, along with the religious values intertwined with Maltese identity and culture, extending to the present day.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a natural wonder, a massive arch and a series of six caves, which reflect the orange, purple and green of the minerals in the rock, along with the bright cobalt colour from the white sandy seabed, a spectacle of colour, a great opportuninity for the keen photographer. The view of the grotto can be enjoyed from the platform above, however, if opting for the boat ride, one needs to head down to the fjord.  


Water Sports

I am able to help you with just about all types of water sports, anything between parasailing or parascending, to pedalos, speed boat trips, and boat hire.

Inquiries Welcome

Feel free to reach out for additional details, such as availability and pricing, or to discuss a more tailored itinerary. I’m happy to cater to your specific travel requests, taking into account logistics and available time. You’re not just purchasing an excursion somewhere, rather, you’re investing in a complete Malta experience, where the guide truly makes the difference

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