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The following tour itineraries are only suggestions. You may wish to combine elements of two or more, or alternatively, to suggest an itinerary you have already researched.  A half-day tour is 4 hours long, and includes my services, chauffeured transport, and pick-up/drop-off services from your hotel, the airport, or seaport.

Popeye's Village

Cultural and Scenic in the Balance

Indulge in a Half Day Tour that seamlessly weaves culture and scenic wonders, unveiling the treasures of picturesque villages, historic Mdina, and the enchanting north-west coast of Malta. Traverse the quaint medieval villages of Attard, Balzan, and Lija, revealing their charm as they nestle below the silent city of Mdina. Embark on a walking tour of Mdina, the ancient walled capital, where narrow winding streets and centuries-old palaces transport you to a bygone era of nobility. The journey continues with a scenic tour along the mesmerizing north-west coast. Stroll along the promontory between Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha, absorb the panoramic views from Mellieha’s historic church, and savor ocean vistas from High Ridge. The tour concludes in the timeless St. Paul’s Bay, offering vistas of an untouched, rugged landscape. Immerse yourself in Malta’s history and natural beauty on this captivating exploration.

The Two Capitals

Designed for those with limited time to explore Malta, an itinerary that unfolds the captivating stories of both the old and present-day capitals. Begin with a panoramic drive around the walled city of Valletta, and marvel at its fortifications and its cityscape. Ascend to the Upper Barracca Gardens for a breathtaking view of the Grand Harbour, followed by a leisurely stroll through Valletta’s splendid buildings. Explore the opulent St. John’s co-Cathedral, a celebration of high Baroque and the island’s premier monument, housing two Caravaggio paintings. A brief walk down Republic Street unveils more of Valletta’s grandeur, concluding by the Grand Master’s Palace. Continue the journey through medieval villages—Attard, Balzan, and Lija—linked to Mdina’s history. Arrive at the ancient walled city of Mdina, perched atop a hill with narrow winding streets, adorned with centuries-old palaces exuding old-world charm. This suggested itinerary promises a rich tapestry of history and can be tailored to your preferences as the tour unfolds. Immerse yourself in Malta’s fascinating past and present on this unforgettable expedition.

Grand Harbour

Tour of the South

Discover the wonders of Malta on a thrilling tour that unveils the secrets of the past and the vibrant present. Immerse yourself in the Tarxien Prehistoric Temples, an ancient site adorned with intricate decorations, providing a captivating glimpse into the prehistoric culture from 2,500 to 3,600 B.C. Journey towards Vittoriosa, a maritime city steeped in the history of the Knights of St. John, exploring the Collachio and marveling at panoramic views of the Grand Harbour from by Fort St. Angelo. Navigate through Zejtun, a quintessential Maltese town with preserved traditional architecture and a 15th-century parish, echoing maritime history. The adventure culminates in the picturesque harbor of Marsaxlokk, where vibrant boats and daily market stalls create a delightful atmosphere, inviting you to savor the local charm. Immerse yourself in Malta’s rich heritage and dynamic culture on this unforgettable expedition.

Tarxien Temples
Fort Manoel, Manoel Island

Game of Thrones

Explore the epic world of Game of Thrones on a captivating tour, that can either be a thrilling half-day focused solely on iconic filming sites, or an extended full-day adventure, incorporating the island’s prime attractions. Begin by traversing the walled city of Mdina, a stand-in for King’s Landing, discovering key locations such as the Vilhena City Gate, Mesquita Square, and Coppersmith’s Wynd Cobbler’s Square. Delve into the Red Keep Garden at St. Dominic’s Priory in Rabat and witness breathtaking landscapes at the Mtahleb Cliffs, Dothraki campsite, and Lhazareen Village. Alternatively, choose a full day to include visits to Valletta and Vittoriosa, for a little wander along the back streets, stepping into the Knights’ world, and gaining insight into the Maltese way of life. Feast on a relaxing lunch with panoramic views, before gazing at Fort St. Angelo, Fort Ricasoli, and Fort Manoel, each playing a pivotal role in the series. This immersive journey, flexible and customizable, promises an unforgettable blend of fantasy and reality, with optional entrance to the co-Cathedral.

Blue Grotto

Alternative Tour of the South

Experience a delightful half-day adventure exploring the enchanting South of Malta, a journey filled with picturesque landscapes and cultural gems. Begin with the breathtaking Blue Grotto, unveiling its azure wonders from a high vantage point before descending to witness the vibrant boats on a mesmerizing fjord boat trip. Marvel at the serene village of Siggiewi, frozen in time, where a magnificent baroque church graces the village square, dedicated to St. Nicholas. Immerse yourself in the town’s rich history and charm. Concluding the tour is a captivating visit to the Falconry Centre in Mqabba, where skilled falconers showcase the majestic prowess of trained birds of prey, including the renowned Maltese falcon. This leisurely journey promises a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and an awe-inspiring encounter with these majestic birds. Join us for an unforgettable experience in Malta’s scenic and historical South.

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